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Atomic Quantum Computing as a Service

An open and public platform for digital quantum computing based on high quality atomic qubits

Supported by the “Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir” (ANR-21-ESRE-0032) and the “Programme et Equipements Prioritaire de Recherche Quantique” (PEPR) within the French national quantum strategy

Technology behind aQCess

aQCess is powered by arrays of individual atoms trapped by optical tweezers with interactions mediated by highly excited Rydberg states, which is one of the most competitive physical systems for scalable quantum computing.

Neutral atom qubits

The worlds most stable and precise quantum oscillators

Scalable quantum systems

Programmable arrays of atoms trapped and cooled to nearly absolute zero temperature

Unique dual species architecture

Better qubit encoding, storage, processing and readout of quantum information

Highly optimized universal gate set

Native multiqubit gates and fast all-optical qubit control and readout

To read more about the technology being developed for aQCess we recommend AVS Quantum Sci. 3, 023501 (2021) (Open access link)

Innovative solutions to the world’s most challenging computational problems






aQCess partners


Multidisciplinary research institutes


Graduate programmes


International partners


Quantum hubs

aQCess is also proudly part of the European Infrastructure for Rydberg Quantum Computing EuRyQa

Increasing quantum awareness

aQCess proudly participates to the following educational programmes:

  • French graduate schools: QMat, CSC, IRMIA++
  • European doctoral programs: MOQS, QUSTEC
  • QuanTEdu-France: French national quantum education initiative
  • DigiQ: Digitally Enhanced European Quantum Technology Master
  • QAREER quantum retraining network, part of the QTEdu CSA of the European Quantum Flagship

We are hiring

Be part of the coming quantum computing revolution. We’re always looking for creative problem solvers to join our team.

Featured openings:

If you are and engineer or researcher interested in job opportunities in our team, please contact us at any time citing “aCQess job” as a reference.


aQCess is hosted at the new European Center for Quantum Sciences (CESQ) at the University of Strasbourg: a transnational quantum research and educational hub that builds upon the exceptional tradition of interdisciplinary research in Strasbourg, focusing on quantum physics and its interfaces, towards new applications in basic science and for the emerging quantum industry.

Université de Strasbourg, Campus Cronenbourg
23 rue du Loess
67200 Strasbourg

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